kitchen with harmeetOur menu is full of delicious vegetarian foods that we have created with passion and love for whole foods and healthful ingredients.  Everything is made from scratch with our fresh organic produce and prepared to order.  Every day we have 2 fresh soups created from our own organic produce.  We have put together what we think are the most delicious options for our organic no-ice fruit smoothies and organic veggie juices, but if you want to concoct your own, you most certainly can!  Remember to check out our Healthy-in-a-Hurry door when you walk in for prepared sandwiches, salads, dips, and more!  Be sure to try our super popular Un-Chicken salad, a recipe from Dr. Dani’s home kitchen!

Having a party?  Don’t feel like cooking dinner tonight?  Having a few friends over for dinner and a movie?  Give us a call ahead of time and we can prepare family sizes of everything we offer on our menu!